[Cs-affiliates] software deadline notification for fall 2016

Robert Sozanski sozanski at bu.edu
Mon Aug 15 14:11:37 EDT 2016

To all instructors and teaching fellows:

The deadline for software change requests for the Undergrad Lab and Teaching
Lab will be August 26 for the fall semester. Requests for software
installations received after this date will not be guaranteed to be
fulfilled prior to the start of the fall semester. As usual, the next
window for changes to the labs' software configuration will be several weeks
into the semester. As always, requests for changes to the labs' software
configurations should be made on the department wiki:


Please take this deadline very seriously.  Making even minor changes to the
set of installed software is a major undertaking, and is not an error-free
process. Last-minute exceptions to the request deadline in the past have
resulted in problems that rendered the labs non-functional for classes for a
day or longer.

Please contact support at cs.bu.edu if you have any questions about the labs or
the software request process.


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