[Busec] Tomorrow (Wed 9/13) 2-4 pm: Dakshita Khurana on Oblivious Transfer

Leonid Reyzin reyzin at cs.bu.edu
Tue Sep 12 09:52:19 EDT 2017

*Date and time:* Wed 9/13, 2-4pm.
*Location:* Boston University, MCS building, room 148
*Speaker:* Dakshita Khurana
*Title: *The virtues of two-message OT
This talk will be centered around some of the recent techniques that use
two-message oblivious transfer (OT) to obtain two-message cryptographic
(1) We will describe new techniques which help prove that simple
two-message arguments built using OT, satisfy strong privacy guarantees. The
include variants of distributional weak zero-knowledge, strong witness
indistinguishability and witness hiding in the delayed-input setting.
(2) We will also discuss how two-message OT helps obtain non-malleability,
which has further implications to two-message argument systems with strong
forms of privacy.

based on joint works with Abhishek Jain, Yael Kalai, Ron Rothblum and Amit

Lunch will be provided

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