[Busec] Seminar Today Nov 29 10 - 11: SQL on Structurally-Encrypted Databases

Yilei Chen chenyl at bu.edu
Wed Nov 29 09:03:29 EST 2017

Title: SQL on Structurally-Encrypted Databases
Speaker: Tarik Moataz (Brown University)
Wednesday Nov 29, 2017, 10 am - 11 am.
BU Hariri Institute Seminar room. 111 Cummington St, Boston MA 02215.
Followed by lunch at BUsec lounge.

We show how to encrypt a relational database in such a way that it can
efficiently support a large class of SQL queries. Our construction is based
solely on structured encryption (STE) and does not make use of any
property-preserving encryption (PPE) schemes such as deterministic and
order-preserving encryption.  As such, our approach leaks considerably less
than PPE-based solutions which have recently been shown to reveal a lot of
information in certain settings (Naveed et al., CCS '15).  Our construction
is efficient and---under some conditions on the database and queries---can
have asymptotically-optimal query complexity.

We also show how to extend our solution to be dynamic while maintaining the
scheme's optimal query complexity. Finally, we show how to extend our
dynamic construction to be forward-private at the cost of a
poly-logarithmic overhead for updates but maintaining the same query

*Joint work with Seny Kamara

Tarik Moataz is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Computer Science at
Brown University working with Seny Kamara. He received a French-American
joint Ph.D. degree from IMT Atlantique and Colorado State University. His
main research area is applied cryptography and, especially, its
intersection with algorithms and data structures.

Yilei Chen
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