[Busec] [crypto group] Next Wed: Muthu on 4-round MPC, time changed to 12.30pm

Oxana Poburinnaya oxanapob at bu.edu
Tue Nov 28 21:10:54 EST 2017

Hi all, a reminder that Muthu's talk on MPC happens tomorrow at BU in
Hariri, fishbowl room. *Note the time change, 12.30-2pm.*

*Title*: Round-Optimal Secure Multi-Party Computation
> *Speaker*: Muthur
> ​​
> amakrishnan Venkitasubramaniam
> *Date*: Wed 11/29,
> ​12.30-2
> pm
> *Location*:
> ​BU, Fishbowl Hariri room
> *Abstract*: Secure multi-party computation (MPC) is a central
> cryptographic task that allows a set of mutually distrustful parties to
> jointly compute some function of their private inputs where security should
> hold in the presence of an active adversary that can corrupt any number of
> parties. Despite extensive research, the precise round complexity of this
> “standard-bearer” cryptographic primitive is unknown. Recently, Garg,
> Mukherjee, Pandey, and Polychroniadou, in Eurocrypt 2016 demonstrated that
> the round complexity of any MPC protocol relying on black-box proofs of
> security in the plain model must be at least four. Following this work,
> independently Ananth, Choudhuri and Jain, CRYPTO 2017 and Brakerski,
> Halevi, and Polychroniadou, TCC 2017 made progress towards solving this
> question and constructed four-round protocols based on non-polynomial time
> assumptions.
> In this work, we resolve this question by designing the first four-round
> actively secure multi-party (two or more parties) protocol for general
> functionalities under standard polynomial-time hardness assumptions with a
> black-box proof of security.
> Joint work with Shai Halevi, Carmit Hazay, and Antigoni Polychroniadou
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