[Busec] Three crypto courses of potential interest in spring

Ran Canetti canetti at bu.edu
Sun Nov 26 23:04:57 EST 2017

FYI - We'll have three crypto-related courses in the spring:

CS 591: Applied Cryptography: Design & Practice  (Instructor: Mayank 
Varia, details below and in catalog)

CS 548:  Cryptography 2.0: Protecting computations (Instructor: Ran 
Canetti, details in attached flier)

JD 792:  National Security and Technology: Law and Policy (This is a law 
school class that's open to law and CS students and is co-taught by  Ran 
Canetti and Ahmed Gappour from the Law school. Details in attached flier.)

Non-BU students are welcome to audit either one of the classes.

Best, Ran


*CS 591 V1 - Applied Cryptography: Design & Practice
Course Description: Introduces techniques in the design, construction, 
implementation, and attack of cryptographic protocols. Studies the 
design of protocols for secure message transport (Signal/OTR, PGP, 
TLS/SSL), full-disk encryption, and more based on building blocks like 
key exchange and tweakable block ciphers. Explores attacks using 
physical side-channels and mathematical cryptanalysis. Examines the 
technical issues pertaining to policy debates about the deployment of 

Prerequisites: CS 210, plus mathematical maturity with the concepts in 
CS 235 and 237 or equivalent. Recommended but not required: prior 
exposure to cryptography through CS 538 or 558.
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