[Busec] Fwd: UN report on big data and privacy

Adam Smith ads22 at bu.edu
Wed Nov 1 22:59:47 EDT 2017

Some of you may be interested in a draft UN report on the right to privacy
by the "Special Rapporteur on Privacy" and the "Big Data Open Taskforce".

The draft report is now posted, and is open for comments. I do not know how
influential a report like this is, but let me know if you are interested in
discussing. Perhaps it can be a topic for a BUSec Wednesday morning when we
do not have an external speaker.

They do not have a formal process for comments, but Vanessa Teague (one of
the authors, and a person with a crypto/security background) is interested
in receiving feedback.


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Subject: UN report on big data and privacy
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Hi Adam,

The UN special rapporteur on the right to privacy has released our draft

It’s open for comments and I’d love to know what you think, about the final
recommendations especially.  I wrote most of the techie bits, but it’s so
hard to fit any real analysis into only 10,000 words.

Any suggestions would be very welcome.


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when there are disputes among persons, we can simply say: Let us calculate,
without further ado, to see who is right. “ --- Leibniz
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