[Busec] Seminar On practical Security

Ari Trachtenberg trachten at bu.edu
Tue May 23 13:14:32 EDT 2017

DEA12 HAC1<E12$,

We are planning to restart our seventh annual summer weekly seminar series on
the practical elements of security, with the generous support
of the BU RISCS center (https://www.bu.edu/riscs/).  Last year, we had
an exciting array of presentations from academia and industry (https://algorithmics.bu.edu/sos/)
including, for example:

  * Internet of Things:  hospitals, stupid homes, and phone with stage fright
  * Denial of Service:  cascading wifi and messing with the network time protocol
  * Crypto:  ransomware protections, Border Gateway Protocol path-end validation

We will be meeting on Mondays from noon-1pm in PHO 339 starting on June 5 (2017),
and our meeting will be accompanied by a light lunch.

An RSVP is appreciated (but not necessary) if you are interested in attending the seminar.
An idea for a presentation and date is even more appreciated (but even less necessary yet).
Dissemination to others you think might find this interesting is most appreciated (and
    necessary - there will be an exam.  Please disseminate "safely".).

	-Ari, on behalf of the disorganization committee

P.S.  For new participants, the "price" of admission is a willingness,
in principle, to make one short presentation on security over the summer.
For ideas on possible talks, please ask participating faculty, who will be introduced
on the first day.

Prof. Ari Trachtenberg
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Boston University
trachten at bu.edu

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