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Subject: help us spread the word -- Women in Theory 2018

Dear Colleague,

We will have a "Women In Theory" workshop for female graduate students and
exceptional undergraduates (fourth year) in theoretical computer science at
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA  from Tuesday, June 19 to Friday, June 22
, 2018, *https://womenintheory.wordpress.com/*
<https://womenintheory.wordpress.com/> .

We are writing to draw your attention to the workshop and ask you to inform
female students in your department about this workshop. The workshop will
have first-rate technical content and will be a great opportunity for
students to meet their peers from around the world.  We have received very
enthusiastic feedback from participants in previous years and we think that
this could be an exciting event for your student as well.  Please forward
this email to the female students in your department.

We will supply dorm rooms, breakfast and lunch, and will probably also be
able to cover at least part if not all of their travel expenses. It would
be great if you would be able to cover the remaining expenses.

For any questions, please email *womenintheory2018 at gmail.com*
<womenintheory2016 at gmail.com>.

The deadline to apply is January 16, 2018.  Each student applicant needs to
finish the application form on *https://womenintheory.wordpress.com/apply/*
<https://womenintheory.wordpress.com/apply/> , and her advisor also needs
to supply a short letter of recommendation.


The organizing committee:
Tal Rabin
Shubhangi Saraf
Lisa Zhang

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