[Busec] Monday Oct 31 12:30-1:30pm at the Hariri: Professor Stacey Dogan on Intellectual Property Rights and Online Intermediaries

Canetti, Ran canetti at bu.edu
Fri Oct 28 16:43:56 EDT 2016

Dear All:

We (RISCS, Hariri) have been recently trying to connect with BU's law 
school in an effort to create a common body of knowledge and research on 
the many points where law and technology, and in particular law and 
computer security, meet.
As part of these efforts,  we have decided to start a "brown bag lunch" 
series where faculty from one side of the divide tell about their 
research to faculty on the other side of the divide...

The first meeting in this series will be held at the Hariri seminar room 
this monday at 12:30pm. Professor Stacey Dogan from the law school will 
give an informal presentation about her research.  See details below. 
You are all invited!


(PS: The next meeting will take place on 11/21 at the law school - 
Sharon Goldberg will  talk about her research. You're all welcome to 
come and cheerlead.  Sha  Sha Sha!)


Intellectual Property Rights and Online Intermediaries:  Policies, 
Principles, and Evolving Legal Rules.

Stacey Dogan, BU Law School

 From the early days of the Internet, courts and Congress have grappled 
with the extent to which online intermediaries should face liability for 
infringement committed on their networks.  After two decades of 
litigation and legislation, the law has moved toward a rough 
equilibrium, but questions remain.  This talk will first offer a brief 
introduction to copyright and trademark law, and then will describe the 
history and current state of the law relating to intermediary liability. 
  It will focus on both doctrinal and policy issues, and will explore 
the tension between protecting IP interests, on the one hand, and 
enabling unfettered technological development and non-infringing uses of 
mixed-use technologies, on the other.

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