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Eugene Kolo eugenek at bu.edu
Fri Oct 28 13:11:58 EDT 2016

Hey all,

I thought it'd be a good idea to update people on some cybersecurity
related things happening on campus, with some deadlines coming up.

*EC700 - Defense, Malware, and Vulnerability Analysis - Professor Egele*
*Spring 2017*

This is a very project oriented class. I took it myself, and highly
recommend it. You will learn the modern security landscape, how to think
about security critically, and how to apply it. It's very challenging, and
requires a lot of self drive. However, at the end you will complete 3
projects that can be expanded out into fully publishable research papers,
or projects.

*CS591 V1 - Applied Crypto - Professor Varia*
*Spring 2017*

This looks like it should be a very good class. It will cover protocol
design, software implementation, and attack methods. The homework will
include challenges from https://cryptopals.com, so they should be fun and
educational, similar to CTF challenges.

*CS552 - Intro to Operating Systems - Professor Rich*
*Spring 2017*

Understanding operating systems (OS) is essential to software security.
I've heard good reviews of this class, and Professor Rich and recommend
checking it out. It should give you a much more thorough understanding of
how a computer actually works after you press the power button. How are you
running 10 apps at the same time?

*CS558 - Network Security - Professor Goldberg*
*Spring 2017*

Networks are the most targeted, and often the first point of entry by
intruders. It's essential to understand how to secure networks. This class
also teaches an intro to cryptography which is useful.

*Symantec Cyber Readiness Challenge CTF *
*Nov. 2, 4pm - 7pm
- https://www.eventbrite.com/e/symantec-cyber-readiness-challenge-capture-the-flag-tickets-27473859052?aff=SymantecInternalPromo

An individual CTF at Symantec's Cambridge location. Symantec is a company
that's perhaps most known for its anti-virus, they also work with a lot of
other cyber security products. If you're looking for a career or internship
in private sector security, this is a great networking event.

*Wargames Movie Night (Tonight!)*

*Oct. 28, 9pm - 11pm - BUILDS Room - MCS B26
- http://us14.campaign-archive1.com/?u=48eeff7657509db01b37d0c9b&id=bcf542d3d8&e=a6aaaf161f

Stop by and enjoy a classic hacker movie.

*Nasty Command Line *
Nov. 2, 6:30pm - BUILDS Room MCS B26 -

Command line proficiency is both essential and fun for hacking. Learn to
speed up your hacking, and general development. Cool things like finding
the number of unique lines in a file (sort | uniq | wc).

*Hack the Vote CTF*

*Nov. 4, 7pm - Nov. 6, 7pm - BUILDS Room MCS B26 - https://pwn.voting/

This seems like it's going to be a great CTF, organized by the crew at
Rennselaer (RPISEC). 0xBU will be participating hard in this, and hoping to
play a lot of it. Save the date for the next weekend. High quality
political memes are ensured to be there. We'll start remotely on Friday
night, and then meet during our usual 0xBU meeting on Saturday at Noon in
MCS B26. We'll continue playing there, and then continue remotely.

*Flare On Reverse Engineering Challenges*
*Ends Nov 4 - http://www.flare-on.com/ <http://www.flare-on.com/>*

This is the 2nd annual reverse engineering month long CTF hosted by
FireEye. FireEye is a cyber security company that provides defense against
advanced persistent threats, and other advanced malware, and exploitations.
The challenges are very good, and well constructed. They're really good to
get better at RE, and if you do well to get some fame and glory on their
wall of champions. I've solved up to level 3 this year, so if you do begin
these and need some help, you can ask me for direction.

Be sure to check out at least some of these courses and events!

eugenek at bu.edu
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