[Busec] busec this week: Doug Madory from Dyn Research on routing attacks (Wed 10am)

Sharon Goldberg goldbe at cs.bu.edu
Mon Nov 28 06:27:28 EST 2016

I'm very excited to announce the last busec seminar of the semester, this
week at the usual Wednesday 10am followed by lunch.

The speaker is Doug Madory from Dyn Research, whose real-time analysis of
routing hijacks is pretty much the best in the world right now and has
frequently been quoted in the news.  The BGP incident I mentioned in my
talk on Monday was found by him.

Abstract below. This should be a good talk, see you there!

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The busec seminar gratefully acknowledges the support of BU's Center for
Reliable Information Systems and Cyber Security (RISCS).

Real-world examples of routing-based Internet infrastructure attacks and
Speaker: Doug Madory. Dyn Research.
Wednesday November 30, 2016, !0AM
BU Hariri Institute, Room MCS180
111 Cummington St, Boston MA 02215

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) governs how packets are directed across the
global Internet. However despite its paramount importance to Internet
communications, the protocol suffers from inherent security weaknesses that
aren’t simply theoretical. Despite efforts to develop security fixes to
BGP, adoption of these mechanisms remains limited and the problems continue
unabated. This talk includes real-world examples of routing-based Internet
infrastructure attacks and manipulations. Separately, the same data and
analytics used to understand these Internet routing issues have also
yielded insights into major geopolitical developments in recent years in
places such as Iraq, North Korea, and Cuba. The Internet doesn’t exist in a
vacuum and its environs shape its development. As a result, real-time
measurement of the Internet itself can be often used as a source of
understanding geopolitical events.
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