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Subject: Please Forward: Open Position on Privacy Tools Project - Postdoc
Fellowships, Summer Internships, Research Positions

Dear Workshop Invitees and Attendees,

My name is Kimia Mavon and I am the Project Manager for Harvard's Privacy
Tools for Sharing Research Data
 Project. I'm reaching out today to follow up with those invited to our
fall 2013 workshop "Integrating Approaches to Privacy across the Research

We would like to utilize this diverse network and ask that you forward our call
for postdoctoral fellows, interns, and researchers
your various mailing lists. With your help sharing this call we will
receive applications with interdisciplinary backgrounds and diverse

Please note that our postdoctoral fellowship deadline is December 1. If an
applicant has a conflict with this date, please have him/her contact
privacytools-info at seas.harvard.edu.

I've pasted the call below.

Thank you,

Kimia Mavon
Privacy Tools


*Open Positions in the Privacy Tools for Sharing Research Data Project*

The Privacy Tools Project seeks students, interns, postdocs, and visiting
researchers in *Computer Science, Statistics, Government, **Mathematics, *
*Law, *and *Social Sciences with Quantitative Experience*, particularly
those with an interest in learning about or working on* Data Privacy.
positions are listed below, with instructions on how to apply. For general
information, email privacytools-info at seas.harvard.edu or one of the PIs

The Privacy Tools Project develops ways for scientists to share research
data for producing open, replicable science without compromising the
privacy of the individual research subjects whose data is used. Past
students have written and contributed to publishable research papers in
this fast-moving field, and we expect the same in future years. Work across
the different projects includes:

   -          *Theory:* prove mathematical theorems about what is
   achievable in the framework of differential privacy.
   -          *Experimental algorithms:* implement, optimize, and
   test algorithms that perform useful data analysis tasks and satisfy
   differential privacy and other privacy metrics.
   -          *Empirical research:* survey social science datasets and
   analysis methods to determine the fit with different privacy technologies.
   -          *Software development:* develop software for statistics, user
   interfaces, and data visualization.
   -          *Programming languages and computer security:* design and
   implement programming language tools to ensure differential privacy and
   combine it with other computer security models.
   -          *Law:* develop legal instruments and policy recommendations
   that complement new privacy-preserving technologies.
   -          *Interdisciplinary interaction:* collaborate with computer
   scientists, social scientists, lawyers, and statisticians.

Useful background includes any of the following:

   -          Theoretical computer science, especially algorithms
   -          Data science, e.g. statistics and/or machine learning
   -          Programming (in R, Java, Scala, Python, Javascript, or D3)
   -          Quantitative analysis of social science data,  especially
   regression ("least squares", or OLS)
   -          User interfaces and user experience testing
   -          Programming language design and implementation
   -          Law, especially privacy law

*Application Instructions*

*Prospective Legal Research Assistants**: *

*Term-Time *Research The Privacy Tools team at the Berkman Klein Center
regularly seeks law students at the start of each semester to help with
research and analysis on privacy law and policy issues. Under the direction
of project team leaders, student tasks may include researching and writing
short memoranda on selected topics in law, summarizing recent publications
in professional journals, and attending lectures and events with the larger
project team. For more information, please visit: https://cyber.harvard.edu/

*Summer Research *The Berkman Klein Center looks for law students to help
the Privacy Tools Project research data privacy issues. Successful
applicants will participate in the Berkman Klein Center's full time,
10-week summer internship program. Applications are typically due in early
February. For more information, please visit: http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/

*Prospective Postdoctoral Fellows/Visiting Scholars: *

Prospective postdoctoral fellows or visiting scholars in computer science,
statistics, or other mathematical/scientific disciplines: please apply to
the Center for Research on Computation and Society
indicate interest in the project in your application. Postdoctoral
applications will be considered after the December 1 deadline as long as
positions are available. Such applicants should also send an email to
privacytools-info at seas to inform us of their applications.

*Prospective Graduate Students: *Please apply to one of the relevant
departments (computer science/SEAS
, government
, statistics
or law
and mention the corresponding PIs
their interest in the project in their application.

If you are a current graduate student at Harvard, or elsewhere, interested
in joining the project as an intern, please e-mail privacytools-info at seas.
harvard.edu to find out how to get involved.

*Prospective Summer Students (non-Harvard Undergrads): *Undergraduate stu
dents outside of Harvard who wish to join the projectas a summer intern
should apply to the SEAS REU site.

*Current Harvard Undergraduate Students: *Harvard undergraduates may join
the project as both term-time and summer interns. Undergraduates should review
sources of funding from the College
send a CV/Resume, transcript, and 2-3 references' contact information to
Privacytools-info at seas.harvard.edu.

*Others: *Please e-mail *privacytools-info at seas.harvard.edu
<privacytools-info at seas.harvard.edu>*
Kimia Mavon
Center for Research on Computation and Society
Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
33 Oxford Street, MD 353, Cambridge, MA 02138

Sharon Goldberg
Computer Science, Boston University
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