[Busec] Announcing Hack Night @ BU

Eugene Kolo eugenek at bu.edu
Wed Jan 6 12:19:52 EST 2016


Interested in learning to hack? Ever wonder how a computer actually works?
Want to show off a high score to your friends? Go to DEFCON?

   - Video game mods/cheats
   - Cracking/modifying software
   darn Sublime Text popups...)
   - Competing in Capture The Flag tournaments
   - Data exfiltration
   - Changing intended behaviour
   - Hardware hacking
   - *Securing systems*
   - *???*

This will be a workshop focused and community oriented learning weekly
meet-up. All skillsets and experiences are welcome.

*Hack Night - Thursdays @ 7PM-9PM, BUILDS Room, 111 Cummington St, Room
B26,* just come in. First meeting is *January 21, 2016*.

Stay a while and hack. The best learning happens when having fun.

Brought to you by:

   - BUILDS <http://builds.cc/> - Boston University's Design and Hacker
   - Eugene Kolo <http://www.eugenekolo.com/> - BU'12, CTF rookie, Cyber
   Security Engineer @ MITRE
   - Jeff Crowell <http://raxcity.com/> - BU'13, CTF organizer, DEFCON
   competitor, Google Engineer
   - Professor Manuel Egele - ECE Cyber Security faculty, DEFCON competitor

Correspondence can be sent to eugenek at bu.edu or to the group mailing list (you
can sign up now
), buhacknight-list at bu.edu
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