[Busec] [BUSec] Yossi Gilad (BU) tomorrow at 9:45am

Foteini Baldimtsi foteini at baldimtsi.com
Tue Feb 2 12:56:39 EST 2016

Hi everyone,

Tomorrow is the first talk of the semester Yossi Gilab from BU will talk
about DDoS Defense over Untrusted Clouds (abstract below). Notice the time
change - all BUsec seminars will start at *9:45am *this semester, as always
lunch will follow at the BUsec lounge.

Also, on Friday afternoon at 3pm we will have a talk by Daniel Genkin from
Technion Israel Institute of Technology, on Physical Side Channel Attacks
on PCs. After the talk we will have TGIF beers at the lounge (featuring
some Lambic as well).

- Foteini

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The busec seminar gratefully acknowledges the support of BU's Center for
Reliable Information Systems and Cyber Security (RISCS).

*Title:* Cryptography in the Application Layer: Establishing an Affordable
DDoS Defense over Untrusted Clouds
*Speaker:* Yossi Gilad, BU
*Date:* Wednesday Feb. 3rd 2016,  9:45am-11:00am
Room: Hariri Seminar Room, MCS180

*Abstract:* We present clientless secure objects, a new mechanism to secure
web-content against adversarial cache and proxy systems. Deploying
clientless secure objects avoids trusting these systems with private keys
or user-data, yet does not require changing existing clients or cache/proxy
services. We then investigate applications of clientless secure objects and
present CDN-on-Demand, a software-based defense that deploys proxy servers
on less expensive and less trusted clouds to minimize costs. Administrators
of small to medium websites can install to resist powerful DDoS attacks
with a fraction of the cost of comparable commercial CDN services. Upon
excessive load, CDN-on-Demand serves clients from a scalable set of proxies
that it automatically deploys on multiple IaaS cloud providers.

Joint work with Michael Goberman, Amir Herzberg and Michael Sudkovich

*Title:* Physical Side Channel Attacks on PCs
*Speaker: *Daniel Genkin, Technion Israel Institute of Technology
*Date*: Friday Feb. 5th 2016,  3:00pm-4:00pm
*Room:* Hariri Seminar Room, MCS180

*Abstract:* Can secret information be extracted from personal computers by
measuring their physical properties from the outside? What would it take to
extract whole keys from such fast and complex devices? We present myriads
way to do so including:
* Acoustic key extraction using microphones to record the high-pitched
noise caused by vibration of electronic circuit components during
decryption. * Electric key extraction exploiting fluctuations in the
"ground" electric potential of computers. An attacker can measure this
signal by touching the computer's chassis or the shield on the remote end
of Ethernet, VGA or USB cables. * Electromagnetic key extraction using a
cheap radio to non-intrusively attack laptop computers. The talk will
discuss the cryptanalytic physical and signal-processing principles of the
attacks and include live demonstrations. The talk is based on joint works
with Lev Pachmanov, Itamar Pipman, Adi Shamir and Eran Tromer
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