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Ran Canetti canetti at bu.edu
Tue Aug 23 22:28:43 EDT 2016

FYI - sounds like  a fun course.

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Subject: 	We're teaching "advanced crypto" this fall
Date: 	Tue, 23 Aug 2016 13:02:06 -0700
From: 	Sunoo Park <sunoo at csail.mit.edu>
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CC: 	Adam Sealfon <asealfon at mit.edu>, Aloni Cohen <aloni at mit.edu>, 
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Hi Ran,

Adam, Aloni, Justin, and I will be teaching a class in "Advanced Topics
in the Theory of Cryptography" this fall. We'd appreciate it if you
would pass on the info to potentially interested people at BU.

Course website:

This course will cover a variety of topics in cryptography that are
often not included in an introductory course. Topics will include
multi-party computation, delegation of computation, homomorphic
encryption, functional encryption, and obfuscation, in addition to a
number of topics in the foundations of cryptography. Though in some
respects a sequel to 6.875, this course will be self contained and
should be accessible to a student with a background in theoretical
computer science or sufficient mathematical maturity.

Thank you!

Sunoo (&Adam&Aloni&Justin)

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