[Busec] SCN talk dry-run: Efficient Asynchronous Accumulators for Distributed PKI

Sophia Yakoubov sophia.yakoubov at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 17:23:35 EDT 2016

Hi everyone,
I'll be dry-running my talk titled "Efficient Asynchronous Accumulators for
Distributed PKI" at 10am tomorrow, in Hariri. It's a quick 20-minute talk.
The abstract is copied below. I would appreciate any feedback!
Thanks in advance,

*Abstract: *Cryptographic accumulators are a tool for compact set
representation and secure set membership proofs. When an element is added
to a set by means of an accumulator, a membership witness is generated.
This witness can later be used to prove the membership of the element.
Typically, the membership witness has to be synchronized with the
accumulator value: it has to be updated every time another element is added
to the accumulator, and it cannot be used with outdated accumulator values.
However, in many distributed applications (such as blockchain-based public
key infrastructures), requiring strict synchronization is prohibitive. We
define low update frequency, which means that a witness only needs to be
updated a small number of times, and old-accumulator compatibility, which
means that a witness can be used with outdated accumulator values. Finally,
we propose an accumulator that achieves both of those properties.
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