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Hi busec folks, you might be interested in the posters for Mayank Varia's
course on symmetric cryptography, today in Hariri from 2-5pm.

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*Event*: Student Poster Session: Data Mechanics & Symmetric Cryptography

*Date/Time*: Tuesday, April 26, 2:00-5:00pm

*Location*: Hariri Institute for Computing, 111 Cummington Mall

*Description*: The Hariri Institute is pleased to host the Topics in Data
Mechanics and Symmetric Cryptography student poster session, featuring 20
group projects completed by students enrolled in the spring course sections.

Students from CS 591 L1 will present posters describing projects in which
they worked with real data sets from the City of Boston, Massachusetts
Department of Transportation, and a variety of other sources to answer
questions, perform analyses, and solve problems related to the organization
and characterization or urban resources in Boston. The projects used data
sets and addressed questions related to public transportation, crime,
residential development, public health, and others. All the projects were
assembled within a unifying framework that tracks provenance and allows
sharing of data sets.

Students from CS 591 V1 will display posters on symmetric cryptography
primitives that they have created based on the design principles covered in
class. Following the old adage that “every system is perfectly designed to
produce the results it gets,” each project is designed from scratch to
optimize a specific security goal or support a targeted environment. The
posters describe cryptosystems designed for lightweight CPUs, network
security, SIMD support, stronger non-linearity, or applicability toward
secure multi-party computation.

CS 591 L1 Student Projects

Tabor Beaudry. Drones for Medical and Police Services.

Erik Brakke and Tyler Waltze. Highway out of the Danger Zone.

Raaid Arshad and Michael Clawar. Evaluating Boston Neighborhoods.

Adam Elass. Characterizing MBTA Stop Safety.

Cristina Estupinan and Steven Jarvis. Optimizing Green Line T Stops.

Yihong Guo. City Employee Earnings over Time.

Johnson Lam and Kathleen McKay. Boston Food Resources in Relation to

Benjamin Lawson. Geosocial Data of Boston.

Jonathan Liu and Kyle Mann. Classifying and Identifying Zipcodes by

Yui Chi Tiffany Lo. Transportation and Food Establishments.

Thomas Hsu and Nicholas Louie. Crime Incidence and Lighting.

Linshan Jiang and Tianyou Luo. Average Income and Crime Incidence.

Jasper Burns and Daren McCulley. Neighborhood Classification.

Joshua Mah, Joseph Muruguru, and Timothy Pacius. Hospitals, Traffic Jams,
and Property Values.

Nikolaj Volgushev. Graph Metrics for the Public Transportation Network.

Enze Yan. Improving Bicycle Route Safety.

Jacqueline You. Scoring Age-Friendly Neighborhoods in Boston.

Erica Wivagg and Yu Zhou. Health and Safety of Boston Restaurants.

CS 591 V1 Student Projects

Ethan Heilman – Vellum

Allan Wirth, Lily Houghton – Leviathan

Vidit Jain, Abigail Hertz, Ryan Kophs – RAVe

Caroline Lee, Craig Tateronis, Ben Getchell, Luke Rosenfeld – CLAMBU

Simon Nichols, Kai Bernardini – Adeterminandum
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