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Hi all,

This coming Wednesday (Sept. 23) at 10am we will have a talk by Katerina
Mitrokotsa. Katerina is an assistant professor of computer science at
Chalmers University in Sweden and she will be presenting her research on
authentication in constrained settings (details below). Lunch following the
talk will be provided.


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The busec seminar gratefully acknowledges the support of BU's Center for
Reliable Information Systems and Cyber Security (RISCS).

Authentication in Constrained Settings: challenges and directions
Speaker: Katerina Mitrokotsa, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.
Wednesday Sept 23, 2015  10-11am
Hariri Seminar Room, MCS180

Abstract: Wireless communications technologies have received great
attention in recent years, mainly due to the evolution of wireless
networking and mobile computing hardware and their broad applicability.
However, their inherent vulnerabilities have serious security and privacy
implications. In this talk, we will discuss authentication in wireless
communications which is often performed in: i) noisy conditions, ii)
hostile environments and iii) constrained settings. By noisy conditions, we
refer to noise in the communication channel that may lead to modification
of the transmitted information. By hostile environments we mainly refer to
environments where attackers may attempt to impersonate legitimate users,
while by constrained settings we refer to environments that may include
communication among wireless devices with limited resources.  We have
extensively investigated a family of authentication protocols called
distance bounding protocols that can be employed as the main countermeasure
against relay attacks. We analyse the security of such protocols and we
discuss the main challenges of designing efficient and secure
distance-bounding protocols. The authentication problem will also be
connected to the need of privacy-preservation of  a prover's location as
well as when the credentials used for authentication (e.g. biometrics) need
to remain private.
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