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Subject: 	6.876 Advanced Topics in Cryptography: Lattices
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Dear all,

Please find below the announcement for a graduate course on lattices 
6.876J that I am teaching this semester.

If you are interested in attending this class (either for credit or as a 
listener), please drop me a line.

Thanks, and best,

Instructor: Vinod Vaikuntanathan
When: MW2:30-4 pm (first lecture: Wed 9/9)
Where: 26-328
Class website: http://people.csail.mit.edu/vinodv/6876-Fall2015/index.html

Integer Lattices are a formidable tool in mathematics and computer 
science, with many applications in (algebraic) number theory, in 
combinatorial optimization, and in breaking and building cryptosystems. 
Come to 6.876 to learn about lattice algorithms, the complexity theory 
of lattice problems, and their use in cryptography.

A sample of topics we will cover include:

-- Lattice Algorithms: Classical algorithms such as LLL and AKS for 
finding (approximate) shortest and closest vectors, as well as brand-new 
developments (from STOC and FOCS’15).

-- Coppersmith’s Method and Using Lattices for Cryptanalysis: Breaking 
knapsack cryptosystems, low-exponent RSA and some stream ciphers.

-- Complexity Theory of Lattice Problems: NP-hardness of approximation 
and AM protocols. We will discuss several open problems in this area.

-- Cryptography: Ajtai’s worst-case to average-case reduction for 
lattice problems, one-way functions, public-key encryption, homomorphic 
encryption, you name it...

REGISTRATION: Subscribe to the class mailing list 
athttp://lists.csail.mit.edu/mailman/listinfo/6876-f15 if you would like 
to take the class for credit or as a listener.

PREREQUISITES: 6.045 and 6.046 (or equivalent) and basic linear algebra. 
If you do not have the prerequisites and would still like to take the 
class, come talk to me.

GRADING: The grade will be based on 1-2 problem sets, scribe notes and a 
final project.

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