[Busec] Timothy Edgar on surveillance law Friday 1 pm

Leonid Reyzin reyzin at cs.bu.edu
Thu Oct 29 14:09:00 EDT 2015

Timothy Edgar from Brown University, who taught BU CS 591 E1/IR 500 D1 -
Cyber Conflict and Internet Freedom last year, will be giving a talk
tomorrow Friday Oct 30 at 1pm at BU Law School Room 410:

*Surveillance Reform, Civil Liberties and Human Rights*
In the two years since the Snowden revelations of NSA spying began, a
global conversation about surveillance, civil liberties and human rights
has just gotten started.  The Obama Administration has launched an
intelligence transparency drive and issued new rules to protect foreigners'
data.  Congress has reformed bulk collection with the passage of the USA
FREEDOM Act.  The Court of Justice of the European Union has struck down
data sharing with the USA, in a case with implications for intelligence
services in the US, the EU, and beyond.  Are we in an era of surveillance
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