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Thu Oct 22 21:03:29 EDT 2015

Hi everyone,

Next week we are hosting Ittay Eyal from Cornell. Ittay will talk
about Challenges
in Blockchain protocols - details below.

See you all on Wednesday!


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Title: Challenges in Blockchain Protocols

Ittay Eyal, Cornell

Hariri Seminar Room

Wednesday Oct 28, 10-11am


Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies, based on Bitcoin, promise to become the
infrastructure for pseudonymous online payments, cheap remittance,
trustless digital asset exchange, and smart contracts. However, unique
security aspects form challenges that must be overcome to realize this

This talk starts with an overview of two results dealing with a key threat
on blockchains, namely centralization, where a single principal comes to
control the system. Then, it discusses the performance limits of blockchain
protocols due to their security mechanism. Finally, it presents Bitcoin-NG,
a novel Blockchain protocol that overcomes these limits.
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