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In next week's seminar Yilei Chen, PhD student at BUsec, will present his
recent work on "The Correlation Intractability of Obfuscated Pseudorandom
Functions". Lunch will be provided after the talk.


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The busec seminar gratefully acknowledges the support of BU's Center for
Reliable Information Systems and Cyber Security (RISCS).


Title: On the Correlation Intractability of Obfuscated Pseudorandom
Yilei Chen. BU.
Hariri Seminar Room
Wednesday Oct 21, 10-11am

Abstract: A family of hash functions is called ``correlation intractable''
if it is hard to find, given a random function in the family, an
input-output pair that satisfies any ``sparse'' relation, namely any
relation that is hard to satisfy for truly random functions. Correlation
intractability captures a strong and natural Random Oracle-like property.
However, it is widely considered to be unobtainable. Indeed, it was shown
that correlation intractable functions do not exist for some length
parameters [Canetti, Goldreich and Halevi, J.ACM 04]. Furthermore, no
candidate constructions have been proposed in the literature for any
setting of the parameters.

We construct a correlation intractable function ensemble that withstands
all relations with a priori bounded polynomial complexity. We assume the
existence of sub-exponentially secure indistinguishability obfuscators,
puncturable pseudorandom functions, and input-hiding obfuscators for
evasive circuits. The existence of the latter is implied by
Virtual-Grey-Box obfuscation for evasive circuits [Bitansky et al, CRYPTO


Joint work with: Ran Canetti and Leonid Reyzin
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