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Subject: [Crcs-announce] Invitation to Privacy Tools Orientation Sessions

Dear Colleagues and Collaborators,

The Privacy Tools project would like to invite you to our orientation this
week, from Tuesday, June 9 to Friday, June 12. Anyone interested in
learning more about the project is welcome to attend any of our sessions
throughout the day. Below I've pasted a brief outline of the orientation's
presentations and schedule.

Tuesday June 9th: Knafel 262, 1737 Cambridge St


   1:30-1:45 Introductions

   1:45-2:15 Project Overview (Salil Vadhan)

   2:15-2:45 Dataverse (James Honaker)

   2:45-3:00 Coffee Break

   3:00-3:30 Legal Overview (Alexandra Wood)

   3:30-4:00 DataTags & DataTags Demo (Alexandra Wood & Michael Bar-Sinai)

Wednesday June 10th: 10:30-1:00 (Knafel 354); 1:00 to 3:30 (Knafel 262,) 1737
Cambridge St


   10:45-11:15 An overview of key concepts in Confidential Data Management

   11:15-11:45 Differential Privacy for a non-technical audience (Salil

   12:00-1:00 Lunch
   - 1:00 Room Change

   1:00-2:00 Differential Privacy for a technical audience (Kobbi Nissim)

   2:00-2:30 Break

   2:30-3:30 R tutorial (James Honaker)

Thursday June 11th: CGIS South, Tsai Auditorium, 1730 Cambridge Street

Thursday's orientation includes events from the Dataverse Community Meeting
<http://projects.iq.harvard.edu/dataverse-community-meeting>. Please
<http://projects.iq.harvard.edu/dataverse-community-meeting/register> for
this event if you plan to attend.


   9:00-10:00 Lightning Talks: Dataverse Use Cases

   10:00-10:15 Data Exploration & Analysis: TwoRavens (James Honaker, Vito

   10:15-11:30 Break

   11:30-12:00 Sharing Privacy Sensitive Data: DataTags (Latanya Sweeney,
   Michael Bar-Sinai)

   12:00-1:30  Break/opportunity for mentors to meet with mentees.

   1:30-4:30:  Breakout Session (5) on Sharing Sensitive Data (led by
   Latanya Sweeney & Jonathan Crabtree)

Friday June 12th: Maxwell Dworkin 221, 33 Oxford Street


   9:00- 11:00 Continuation of Differential Privacy (Kobbi Nissim)
   - 9:00- 11:00 Differentially Private Tools and API(Jack Murtagh)

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Kimia Mavon, Project Coordinator

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