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Subject: Postdoc position in Cryptography at Microsoft Research Redmond
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 Hi All,

Sorry for the spam, but we’re recruiting for postdocs this year and were
hoping you could forward this ad to anyone you know who is looking.

Thanks for your help!



Post-doctoral Researcher and Researcher positions (Microsoft Research,
Redmond, Washington),

Description: The Cryptography Research group at Microsoft Research in
Redmond seeks outstanding applicants for Post-doctoral Researcher and
Researcher positions in all areas of cryptography.  Post-doctoral
Researcher positions start in summer 2015 and are for a term of 2 years.
Required qualifications include a PhD in computer science or mathematics
and experience in cryptography research.  Particular areas of interest
include: Secure Multi-party Computation, Searchable Encryption, and
Homomorphic Encryption.  Areas of interest in mathematics include
lattice-based cryptography, cyclotomic number fields, elliptic-curve
cryptography, pairing-based cryptography, factoring, discrete log,
algorithmic number theory.,

Contact: Kristin Lauter, Research Manager.  Apply online at:

Sharon Goldberg
Computer Science, Boston University
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