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Correction!  It is January 21, not Feb 21!

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> Next week, we'll ease our way into the new semester with a 25 minute
> practice talk for FC'14 by Foteini Baldimtsi, followed by questions and
> feedback.  Please come give your comments to Foteini during the talk and
> afterwards, during lunch in the lab.
> Sharon
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> *****
> Practice talk: Sorting and Searching Behind the Curtain
> Foteini Baldimtsi. BU.
> Hariri Seminar Room
> Wednesday Feb 21, 10-11am
> Abstract
> We study the problem of private outsourced sorting of encrypted data. We
> start by proposing a novel sorting protocol that allows a user to outsource
> his data to a cloud server in an encrypted form and then request the server
> to perform computations on this data and sort the result. To perform the
> sorting the server is assisted by a secure coprocessor with minimal
> computational and memory resources. The server and the coprocessor are
> assumed to be honest but curious, i.e., they honestly follow the protocol
> but are interested in learning more about the user data. We refer to the
> new protocol as private outsourced sorting since it guarantees that neither
> the server nor the coprocessor learn anything about user data as long as
> they are non-colluding. We formally define private outsourced sorting and
> provide an efficient construction that is based on semi-homomorphic
> encryption.
> As an application of our private sort, we present MRSE: the first scheme
> for outsourced search over encrypted data that efficiently answers
> multi-term queries with the result ranked using frequency of query terms in
> the data, while maintaining data privacy. To construct MRSE we use
> searchable encryption techniques combined with our new private sort
> framework. Finally, although not discussed in this work, we believe that
> our private sort framework can turn out to be an important tool for more
> applications that require outsourced sorting while maintaining data
> privacy, e.g., database queries.
> Joint work with Olga Ohrimenko

Sharon Goldberg
Computer Science, Boston University
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