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Mon Feb 16 22:09:38 EST 2015

At Wednesday's seminar, Raphael Bost from DGA MI/Université de Rennes 1
will tell us about machine learning over encrypted data.  The
following week, William Whyte will talk about security and privacy for
forthcoming vehicle-to-vehicle communications systems.  Lunch will be
provided and abstracts are below.

Also, Crypto Day at MSR on this Friday February 20 features a talk by our
own Alessandra Scafuro.


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Title: Machine Learning Classification over Encrypted Data
Speaker: Raphael Bost.  DGA MI/Université de Rennes 1.
Wednesday February 18, 2015.  9:30-11:00am
Hariri Seminar Room, 111 Cummington St. Boston, MA

Abstract:  Machine learning classification is used in numerous settings
nowadays, such as medical or genomics predictions, spam detection, face
recognition, and financial predictions. Due to privacy concerns, in some of
these applications, it is important that the data and the classifier remain

In this work, we construct three major classification protocols that
satisfy this privacy constraint: hyperplane decision, Naïve Bayes, and
decision trees. We also enable these protocols to be combined. At the basis
of these constructions is a new library of building blocks for constructing
classifiers securely; we demonstrate that this library can be used to
construct other classifiers as well, such as a multiplexer and a face
detection classifier.

We implemented and evaluated our library and classifiers. Our protocols are
efficient, taking milliseconds to a few seconds to perform a classification
when running on real medical datasets.
Joint work with Raluca Ada Popa, Stephen Tu and Shafi Goldwasser which will
appear in NDSS'15.


Security and privacy for the forthcoming vehicle-to-vehicle communications
Speaker: William Whyte, Security Innovation
Wednesday Feb 25, 9:30-11am
Hariri Seminar Room

The US Department of Transportation announced on February 3rd, 2014, that
it intends to mandate a system for inclusion in all light vehicles that
would allow them to broadcast their position and velocity on a more-or-less
continuous basis. The system is claimed to have the capability to prevent
up to 80% of all unimpaired collisions. The presentation, by a key member
of the team designing the communications security for the system, will
discuss the security needs, the constraints due to cost and other issues,
and the efforts that are being made to ensure that the system will not
compromise end-user privacy. This will include an overview of some novel
cryptographic constructs that improve the scalability, robustness, and
privacy of the system. There may even be proofs.


Charles River Crypto Day will be on Friday, Feb 20 at Microsoft Research
(One Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA). Program here:
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