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Hi Eli,

Thanks for the question.

The core problem this is addressing is the issue of ownership. In the
current model, patient's don't own their data. At best, they can request a
facsimile copy of it. As such, this causes problems for both the providers
who are now tasked with owning the patient's data and the patient who now
must rely on the providers.

The value proposition is that by moving ownership of the data to the
patient it will do the following things;

(1) create a distributed system that is application agnostic and therefore
easier to maintain for IT departments,
(2) it will shield providers from liability as the data will be available
to everyone but encrypted and therefore useless without proper individual
level permission, as opposed to the database level permissions currently
used and therefore a huge, profitable target (this is news from yesterday
(3) innovation in developing useful patient facing applications. If you
currently try to build a useful patient application you are going to run
into HIPAA which is the totally shitty way of attempting to legislate
security into the current model. By reverting ownership of data to the
patient, this effectively goes out the window. As a result, people can
finally start building applications that can take and add patient data
rather than having it locally hosted on someone's phone or cloud server
rendering it effectively useless and a pain to use.
(4) Healthcare is rarely provided by one organization. Yet we have an
organizational-centric data model. Every time a patient moves around the
healthcare system they need to manually bring the facsimile data with them.
Which is painful, leads to duplication of services, gaps in data,
frustration, etc.

These are the big ones I can think of that this time. Having worked in a
number of healthcare IT departments this past year and half, I've seen this
chaos first hand. They spend so much effort integrating their systems just
to start over again when they buy a new application. It is very wasteful
and doesn't actually help the patients.



On Fri, Feb 6, 2015 at 1:33 AM, Eli Mather <elimather at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Sevan,
> What is the unique value proposition offered by the bitcoin blockchain
> approach rather than alternative methods for storing and transmitting
> health care data.
> Thanks
> Eli
> On Feb 5, 2015, at 10:14 PM, Sevan Chorluyan <sevanchorluyan at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm a BU graduate from SAR'11 & BUSPH'12. I studied health science and
> have a masters in public health. I'm currently employed as a healthcare IT
> consultant.
> I am also a Bitcoin enthusiast. As a healthcare expert, I see no reason
> why the bitcoin blockchain protocol can't be tweaked and modified to store,
> transmit, and access healthcare data. Probably even more so than in the
> financial sector, the current healthcare IT system is totally bonkers. As a
> quick thought experiment ask yourself if you can think of a single useful
> healthcare app...
> There isn't one. Mainly because the data structure and corresponding
> regulatory system is so restrictive and unresponsive to the needs of
> patients and providers. There is a huge need and once we start building
> this thing, people will jump on board.
> Ok, great, so why am I telling you this?
> I want to build a team to start developing and building out the BitPatient
> protocol. www.bitpatient.com
> I am currently soliciting different groups around Boston to build a team
> for MIT's hacking medicine. Ideally, I would like to start on this project
> sooner than that.
> This is a big, long term project. If you have any time to devote, helpful
> advice or suggestions, and/or contacts you can provide, I would be very
> grateful. If you've ever had interest in building a cryptographic
> system/protocol, or working in healthcare IT, or just plain want to build
> something really disruptive, I think this is a good project for that.
> If you have any questions, PLEASE reach out. If there is enough interest
> generated perhaps we can schedule a meeting to discuss further with the
> group.
> Best,
> Sevan
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