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Hi busec students,

Jeff Mogul will be here on a recruiting visit for Google research next
Thurs,  April 16th.  If you're interested in networking/network
security and would like a slot to meet with him, please let me know (and
give me time constraints).

Also, please mark your calendars for his talk, Thurs @ 9:30.


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Here's a talk title/abstract/bio:

  Two Stories about Cloud Networking at Google

 Cloud computing offers the promise not only of lower costs for computing
and storage, but also an easier operational model, much higher reliability,
and features that are not feasible to provide at smaller scales.  In the
first half of the talk, I will describe how Google is building a
Cloud infrastructure to support performance, availability, and novel
features, with a particular emphasis on network technology.  In the second
half, I will present a speculative project that (with Ramana Kompella) we
are just starting, to measure how varying the network latency provided
within a Cloud data center affects the performance of Cloud applications.


Jeff Mogul works on fast, cheap, reliable, and flexible networking
infrastructure for Google, currently focusing on network management at
Google's scale. Until 2013, he was Fellow at HP Labs, doing research
primarily on computer networks and operating systems issues for enterprise
and cloud computer systems; previously, he worked at the DEC/Compaq Western
Research Lab. He received his PhD from Stanford in 1986, an MS from
Stanford in 1980, and an SB from MIT in 1979. He is an ACM Fellow. Jeff is
the author or co-author of several Internet Standards; he contributed
extensively to the HTTP/1.1 specification.  He has been the chair or
co-chair of a variety of conferences and workshops, including SIGCOMM,
OSDI, NSDI, USENIX, HotOS, and ANCS. You can find a partial list of
publications at http://research.google.com/pubs/JeffreyMogul.html

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