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FYI. Promises to be a cool course.

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Subject: 	[csail-related] New course 6.s987 / 17.s952 (Elections and
Voting Technology) offered this fall
Date: 	Mon, 1 Sep 2014 19:07:54 -0400
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Come check it out on this Thursday afternoon at 2:30!  Feel free to pass
this notice around to others who may be interested!

Ron Rivest
6.S897/17.S952 Elections and Voting TechnologyGraduate H-level

Also offered under 17.S952
Units: 3-0-9
Prerequisites: None
Instructors: Professor Ronald Rivest (rivest at mit.edu) and
Professor Charles Stewart (cstewart at mit.edu)
Schedule: TR2:30-4, room 34-301


Elections are the keystone of democracies, but some elections are run
better than others.  This class considers how elections are conducted  and
what that means for the quality of democracy.  We focus on the  technology
of elections, but also consider the legal and political  context in which
elections are conducted.  We focus on the United States, but also consider
how the experience of other democracies can help inform how the American
case has evolved.  Topics include:
·         the right to vote in the U.S. and how it has evolved.
·         voting systems (rules for computing the winner) and paradoxes
·         voting and elections --- the context of technology use
·         history of technology use in voting
·         polling places and how they affect the voting experience
·         auditing of election outcomes
·         campaign money and redistricting --- the regulation of elections
·         measuring effects of election system changes
·         end-to-end verifiable voting
·         risks of internet voting
Ronald L. Rivest
Room 32-G692, Stata Center, MIT, Cambridge MA 02139
Tel 617-253-5880, Email<rivest at mit.edu>
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