[Busec] This Thursday at Northeastern: Ryo Nishimaki on "How to Watermark Cryptographic Functions"

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Hi All,

This talk at the *Northeastern theory seminar* may be of interest to many
of you. There are also several more crypto talks coming up this semester -
you can add yourself to the mailing list for future announcements:

Directions to Northeastern:


This Thursday 11/6 at 4 pm, in room 366 WVH,

Ryo Nishimaki  will talk about his work on

*How to Watermark Cryptographic Fucntions*



We introduce a notion of watermarking for cryptographic functions and
propose a concrete scheme for watermarking cryptographic functions.
Informally speaking, a digital watermarking scheme for cryptographic
functions embeds information, called a mark, into functions such as one-way
functions and decryption functions of public-key encryption.
There are two basic requirements for watermarking schemes.
(1) A mark embedded function must be functionally equivalent to the
original function.
(2) It must be difficult for adversaries to remove the embedded mark
without damaging the original functionality.
In spite of its importance and usefulness, there have only been a few
theoretical works on watermarking for functions (or programs). Furthermore,
we do not have rigorous and meaningful definitions of watermarking for
cryptographic functions and concrete constructions.
To solve the above problem, we introduce a notion of watermarking for
cryptographic functions and define its security. Furthermore, we present a
cryptographic function (concretely, lossy trapdoor function) based on a
standard number theoretic assumption (called decisional linear assumption)
and a watermarking scheme for the function. Our watermarking scheme is
secure under the assumption in the standard model.
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