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Kaspersky coming to MIT!  This looks like a talk for a general audience.

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   This visit/seminar may be of interest to your security-oriented classes
and students.

Take care,

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 Hello Duane,

 I hope you are doing great!

 I wanted to let you know that we are bringing Eugene Kaspersky, the
founder of Kaspersky Lab to MIT on April 4th. If you believe the event
might be interesting to EECS faculty members, please forward the
annoucement below to them. Light lunch will be available before the event.

   *Cyber Inferno: Seven Circles

Thursday, April 4, 2014,  12:00 -1:30 p.m.
  In his presentation, Eugene Kaspersky will detail the evolution of
cyberthreats - from the reasonably innocuous to the deadly serious that
could cause world catastrophes. In parallel, he will indicate the
corresponding security measures that arose, are currently arising, and need
to arise in the future: from the first preventive measure - formatting
floppy discs, through simple antivirus and later Internet security suites,
and on to today's Critical Infrastructure Protection and much-needed
international cyberarms control negotiations.


E25-111 http://whereis.mit.edu/

*Sponsored by:*

MIT-Russia Program


Open to the public

*RSVP:                           *

mit-russia at mit.edu

 Thank you,
Ema Kaminskaya
 Project Coordinator
MIT Skoltech Initiative/ MIT Russia
One Broadway (E70)/One Amherst Street (E40)
Cambridge, MA 02139
Cell:+1 857 264 6172

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