[Busec] next seminar On practical Security: Monday, June 23, noon-1pm in PHO 339

Ari Trachtenberg trachten at bu.edu
Thu Jun 19 21:28:16 EDT 2014

Our next seminar will be this Monday, June 23 from noon-1pm in PHO 339.

One of our speakers had an unexpected cancellation, so you will have to hear
from me again, unless someone else is available to talk for 20 minutes (I'd
prefer not to talk - you've heard more than enough from me - but will do so
if no one else is available).

The talks are:

1.  Building Security by Jimmy Chau
2.  Securing Smartphones:  A micro-TCB approach by Ari Trachtenberg

Title: Exploring Building Security: Now and Future

Speaker/Bio:  Jimmy Chau is a Ph.D. candidate in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Boston University. He has previously researched the privacy and security problems in vehicular networks (networks of cooperative semi-autonomous vehicles) and in smart spaces (automated buildings). His research currently focuses on visible light communications. 

In order to streamline facility management, provide physical security, and improve energy-efficiency, buildings increasingly rely on computerized systems for control, oftentimes with sensing capabilities and network-connectivity. Although these systems provide many desirable benefits, they can also expose their buildings to additional cybersecurity threats. This talk surveys attack vectors available against buildings today and explores potential threats to future buildings with more advanced management and automation systems. 
Title: Securing Smartphones: A Micro-TCB Approach

Speaker/Bio:  Ari Trachtenberg speaks for a living.

As mobile phones have evolved into 'smartphones' with complex operating systems running third-party
software, they have become increasingly vulnerable to malicious applications.  We introduce a design
for mitigating malware attacks based on a small trusted computing base module and a simple secure
attention key.  This talk is based on joint work with Yossi Gilad and Amir Herzberg of Bar Ilan University.
Ari Тrаⅽһtеnberg                    ECΕ, Bоѕtоn Unіvеrsіty
edsnowden at lavabit.com       http://tinyurl.com/7r6h584

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