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Hi Everyone (apologies for cross posting)

Please note that we have changed the dates of our Citizen Lab Summer
Institute to July 28-31, 2014 to avoid a scheduling conflict with DEFCON.
Details about the event and a call for proposals are here (and pasted


The 2014 Citizen Lab Summer Institute
NOTICE OF DATE CHANGE: Due to a scheduling conflict between our originally
planned dates and DEFCON, we have moved the Summer Institute to July 28-31,

The 2014 Citizen Lab Summer Institute will be held at the University of
Toronto on July 28-August 31, 2014.

This workshop will bring together participants from across a range of
academic disciplines and practitioner communities. Building on our 2013
Summer Institute, we will be convening to learn how
censorship, circumvention, and surveillance may have changed over the past
year and what new developments are possible to research information

The Summer Institute will include panels and presentations on information
controls from a wide variety of disciplines and perspectives and two days
of intensive participant-led breakout groups and discussions in which
participants will share latest methods, challenges, and opportunities for

As a participant-driven event, we expect attendees to not just present
research but to work to understand how their work can assist others and
vice versa. Each participant will be expected to come prepared to discuss
their current projects, successes and difficulties they have experienced in
their research to date, lessons and resources from their work that could
help others, and questions and assistance they need with their projects.

Call for Proposals
Attendance at the Summer Institute is dependent on acceptance of proposals
for participation. Rather than just proposing a talk, the proposal should
clearly outline a current project on information controls the participant
is undertaking that could benefit from exposure to the workshop.
Submissions that explore multidisciplinary research approaches are
especially appreciated.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

• Analyzing Internet-based censorship from technical, legal, political,
mitigation, or consequential perspectives; evaluating contemporary online
surveillance from technical, legal, political, or policy perspective.

• Critiquing or evaluating existing privacy enhancing technologies;
comparing ethics and research strategies associated with Internet-focused
censorship and surveillance practices, as well as promoting protective
measures and positive alternatives to them.

• Examining the roles of public and private actors in advancing, or
restricting, Internet censorship and surveillance.

• Analyzing the impact of and remedies for Internet-based censorship and
Interested participants should submit an abstract (no more than 800 words)
summarizing the research project that they plan to introduce to workshop
attendees. The abstract must provide the following information:

• Description of the project.

• Successes and challenges the project has encountered.

• What assistance, resources, methods, or skills do you need to advance
this project and how can workshop participants contribute?

• What can you contribute to other workshop participants to help with their

• What kinds of research (e.g., technical, policy, legal) are you most
interested in engaging with at the workshop?
Please submit abstracts using this online form by June 30, 2014 at Midnight

Travel Support
Please indicate if you require expedited acceptance for visa or other
travel reasons.

A limited pool of travel support is available and will be allocated based
on the strength of the proposal, fit with the workshop, and demonstrated
need. Please indicate if you will require travel funding assistance
to attend the workshop.

 Ronald Deibert
Director, the Citizen Lab
and the Canada Centre for Global Security Studies
Munk School of Global Affairs
University of Toronto
(416) 946-8916
PGP: http://deibert.citizenlab.org/pubkey.txt
r.deibert at utoronto.ca

Sharon Goldberg
Computer Science, Boston University
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