[Busec] Seminar On practical Security: Monday, July 28, noon-1pm in PHO 339

Ari Trachtenberg trachten at bu.edu
Thu Jul 24 22:08:52 EDT 2014

Our next seminar will be on Monday, July 28, from noon-1pm in PHO 339.
We will have two talks:  (abstracts appended)

1.  Zach Lister - Combating the Insider Threat at the FBI: Real World Lessons Learned
2.  Brian Bolby - The Elderwood Platform

The entire schedule, and some slides, is available at http://algorithmics.bu.edu/sos.
Talk 1

Title:  Combating the Insider Threat at the FBI: Real World Lessons Learned

Zach Lister is an undergraduate student at Boston University majoring in Computer Engineering with a minor in Computer Science.

The insider threat is defined as: “Authorized people using their trusted access to do unauthorized things.” The insider is not the most numerous kind of threat but it does appear to be one of the most costly to a company/organization. This presentation will go in to what was learned at the FBI when trying to detect the threat of insiders. There will be five important lessons about how to detect and deter insider threats that have been developed at the FBI for the past decade. This presentation was given by Patrick Reidy at BlackHat USA 2013.
Talk 2

Title:  The Elderwood Platform

Brian Bolby is the director of computational labs at CompNet.

The Elderwood platform is a set of exploits that make it easy for non-technical users to create attacks on vulnerable applications. This platform makes use of zero-day exploits to infect the target computer. This talk will discuss the history of the Elderwood platform, the systems and applications that have been targeted, and what you can do the mitigate the threat to your systems.
Ari Trachtenberg, Boston University 
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