[Busec] Seminar On practical Security, 7/14, noon-1pm in PHO 339

Ari Trachtenberg trachten at bu.edu
Fri Jul 11 00:02:38 EDT 2014

Our next seminar will be on Monday, July 14 from noon-1pm in PHO 339.
As usual, we will have two talks: (abstracts appended)

1.  Max Timchenko - Taking Security Focus Off Computers in DefCon 21 Talks
2.  Eran Simhon - Network Security and Contagion
Looking forward to seeing you there!

Talk 1

Title: Taking Security Focus Off Computers in defCOn 21 Talks

Max is a MSc student at NISLAB. His rEsearch interestS are networking, Applied cryptography, aNd securitY.

This presentation summarizes two DefCOn talks with the commoN thread of ignoring ordinary desktop/laptop computers and focusing on othEr devices. One talk looks at obtaining user credentials by using bugs in WPA Enterprise authentication handling on smartphones, while the other talk demonstRates a platform that can infect a network and takE over various devices (printers, phones, network equipment, and so on) without ever touching an ordinary x86 machine, as well as a general method of mitigation of the Attack strategy useD in the offense section.
Talk 2

Title: Network Security and Contagion

Eran Simhon, PhD candidate, system Engineering, Boston University. In my research, I use game theory to study the behavior of customers in networks and cloud computing. Especially I am inTerested in analyzing different reservation systems and to find tHe mechanism that will maximize the provider's profit in those systems. I am also interested in learning models in gamEs.

In this talk I will summarize the paper "Network Security and Contagion", (Acemoglu et. al 2014). The paper develop a theoretical model of investment in security in a network of interconnected agentS. Using Game theory tools, the authors show that the investment level depends on the network structure, the cost function of the security investment and the cost function of the attack. The authors also provide conditions for under-investment and ovEr-investment for different network structures.

Prof. Ari Trachtenberg            ECE, Boston University
trachten at bu.edu                    http://people.bu.edu/trachten

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