[Busec] TIP-TIG Monday 2/24: Privacy Implications of Measuring Large-Scale Social Networks With High Resolution

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FYI. Interested privacy talk at Harvard next week.

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 Technology in Government (TIG)  and Topics in Privacy (TIP)

 2/24/2014 refreshments served at 2:30p, discussion 3 to 4pm in room K354,
 at 1737 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA 02138.

 *Title: *Privacy Implications of Measuring Large-Scale Social Networks
With High Resolution

 *Discussant: *Arek Stopczynski

 Our capabilities of sensing complex social systems with high
resolution have been growing at an unprecedented rate. In the Copenhagen
Networks Study, the data, including face-to-face interactions,
telecommunication, social networks, location, and background information
(personality, demographic, health, politics), is collected from a densely
connected population of 1,000 individuals, using state-of-art smartphones
as social sensors. Due to the extreme richness of the collected data,
high temporal resolution, longitudinal character, and size of the
population, protecting the privacy of the participants poses some new and
exciting challenges. The talk will include an overview of the privacy
challenges the authors of the study encountered - from the technical
and operational perspective - as well as implemented solutions.

Bio: Arkadiusz (Arek) Stopczynski is a PhD student at Technical University
of Denmark and Visiting Student at MIT Media Lab, Human Dynamics
group. Arek's work focuses on building solutions for lage-scale sensing
of human systems, including behavioral, psychological, and
neurological data, while exploring the privacy practices of data handling,
from business, legal, and technical perspectives. Arek is a co-author of
a chapter "The New Deal on Data: A Framework for Institutional Controls" in
the upcoming book "Privacy, Big Data, and the Public Good: Frameworks for
Sean Hooley
Dept. of Government
Harvard University
1737 Cambridge St K322
Cambridge MA 02138
shooley at fas.harvard.edu

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