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 *CS Colloquium*
*Weaving Privacy and Mechanism Design*
*Kobbi Nissim, Ben-Gurion University and Harvard University*
*Wednesday, December 17, 2014 at 11am in MCS 148*

 *Abstract:* The rapid collection of data from phones, social networks,
internet activity etc., allows industry, government, and researchers
perform analysis of human behavior in scales that only two decades ago
would have been considered unimaginable. This, however, introduces a threat
to the privacy of individuals, and hence introduces a problem of balancing
between privacy and the utility extracted from the sensitive data.

 We will review two lines of work that have emerged in recent research
towards understanding this problem. In one approach, individuals are
compensated monetarily for their loss of privacy. In the other approach,
individuals have a stake in the outcome of the mechanism, and their loss of
privacy is balanced by the influence they have on the outcome (generally
without resorting to monetary transfers). In both approaches, the notion of
differential privacy [Dwork, mcSherry, Nissim, and Smith TCC 2006] plays a
major role, both in the modelling of privacy loss and integrating it into
the agents' utility functions and in the construction of mechanisms.

 Time permitting, we will also discuss negative results showing that in
some settings loss of privacy cannot be balanced with incentives.

 The talk will be self-contained, no background in differential privacy or
mechanism design will be assumed.

 Based on works with Claudio Orlandi, Rann Smorodinsky, Moshe Tennenholtz,
Salil Vadhan, and David Xiao.
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