[Busec] BUsec this week: Melissa Chase (Wed 10AM)

Sharon Goldberg goldbe at cs.bu.edu
Sun Sep 8 11:04:50 EDT 2013

Welcome back to a new semester!  Our regular BUsec seminar will be at
Wednesday 10AM this year, and our first seminar will start this week.
Melissa Chase from MSR will be telling us about controlled malleability.
As usual, lunch will be served, and we will meet in MCS137.

Also, we are now working on setting the schedule for the semester; please
email me if you have new work you would like to present.

See you all then!

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Controlled Malleability
Melissa Chase, MSR (Redmond)
Wednesday, Sept 11, 2013 10AM
 MCS137, 111 Cummington St, Boston, MA


Depending on the application, malleability in cryptography can be viewed as
either a flaw or –as in the case of homomorphic primitives—as a feature.
In most previous settings, malleability has been an all-or-nothing
property: either all malleability is prevented, or we can make no
guarantees whatsoever on how the adversary may transform what he is given.
However, in many cases one would like to allow some malleability while
guaranteeing that that is all that an adversary can do; we call this
controlled malleability.  We will consider this concept in terms of proof
systems, encryption schemes, and signatures, looking at how to formally
define these primitives and how they relate to previous notions.  We will
briefly discuss how to construct these objects, concretely based on DLIN in
the pairing setting, or more generically based on any publically verifiable
SNARG.  Finally, we will discuss a few applications, focusing on a new
approach to verifiable shuffles.

Sharon Goldberg
Computer Science, Boston University
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