[Busec] next Seminar On practical Security on JULY 1 (2.5 weeks)

Ari Trachtenberg trachten at bu.edu
Fri Jun 14 18:33:14 EDT 2013

Due to the backloaded nature of our talk signup, we will *not* have a seminar
this Monday or next.  On Monday, July 1 we will continue our seminar with a talk
by Prof. Yuting Zhang.

If you need help picking a talk topic in the meanwhile, please feel free to contact me,
Prof. Zhang or Prof. Starobinski for some ideas.  Alternatively, with a BU ID you can
access the video archives of:

Blackhat 2012:  http://algorithmics.bu.edu/bh12
Defcon 2012:  http://algorithmics.bu.edu/dc12


P.S.  Please feel free to let me know if there are any new people to add to our mailing list.
Prof. Ari Trachtenberg            ECE, Boston University
trachten at bu.edu                    http://people.bu.edu/trachten

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