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 June 5, 2013****

Last August we launched the first open Innovation in Arms Control Challenge
asking the question “How Can the Crowd Support Arms Control Transparency
Efforts?”  The response to the challenge, especially from universities and
academia, was encouraging as we received several solutions from university
students and faculty.  The winner, Lovely Umayyam, was a student at the
Monterey Institute of International Studies.  One of our runner-up winners,
Dr. Rudolph Mappus, is a research scientist at Georgia Tech Research
Institute. ****

This summer, we will hold another open challenge, and we very much want to
encourage even broader participation from the academic community. The
public outreach and the breadth of the ideas that the challenge generated
was very strong, and we believe participation in the second challenge will
be even stronger.  The 2013 Innovation in Arms Control Challenge will ask
the public for information technology tools and concepts that can support
arms control inspections. ****

We hope that this topic will again bring more public awareness to arms
control issues and how arms control treaties work.  We also hope to see
more innovative ways in which 21st century technological capabilities may
evolve current diplomatic tools and processes.  Advancements in information
technologies have increased connectivity in society and the ubiquity and
speed to which information can flow in any situation.  It is because of
these capabilities that we are interested in seeing how these connective
technologies can affect arms control.       ****

We see and appreciate the value that the academic community continues to
provide to the U.S. government – from the ideas that are generated to the
students that you teach.  We hope that you will share this information and
encourage those in your communities to participate in the 2013 Innovation
in Arms Control Challenge.  Please visit our
 for updates or contact Grant Schneider (SchneiderGW at state.gov) for more


Dr. Brian Nordmann****

Director, Office of Verification and Transparency Technologies****

U.S. Department of State****

Bureau of Arms Control, Verification and Compliance****

(202) 647-2408****




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Sharon Goldberg
Computer Science, Boston University
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