[Busec] spring course at NEU: Thursdays 2-5pm, WVF, room 116

Yevgeniy Dodis dodis at cs.nyu.edu
Wed Jan 9 15:13:08 EST 2013

Dear all,

Sorry for the late announcement, but I wanted to advertise a seminar course
I will be teaching at Northeastern University this spring. The topic is
"Randomness in Cryptography". We will cover a variety of topics (see the
list below) revolving around
randomization, entropy, information-theoretic crypto, extractors and (time
permitting) leakage-resilient cryptography.

The class will meet on Thursdays at 2pm (and go for 2-3 hours) in room 116
in West Village F. First meeting is tomorrow (January 10), see building 23F
in the map below:

Yevgeniy Dodis

- (im)possibility of authentication with weak sources
- impossibility on basing privacy on entropy alone
- encryption => extraction
- differential privacy with SV sources
- using public randomess - extractors (LHL, etc)
- "square-friendly" privacy applications
- randomness condensers
- robust extractors
- fuzzy extractors
- entropic security and privacy (incl. private fuzzy extractors)
- privacy amplification and non-malleable extractors
- locally computable extractors, bounded storage/retrieval model
- computational (HILL, unpredictability) entropy and computational
- dense model theorem
- randomized MACs
- time permitting, leakage-resilient cryptography (many topics).
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