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Date: Feb 22, 2013 2:50 PM
Subject: Computer Science Colloquium - MONDAY, February 25, 4:00pm, MD
G125: Zvika Brakerski, Stanford University
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Please join us Monday afternoon at 4:00pm in MD G125 for a special Computer
> Science Colloquium. Zvika Brakerski of Stanford University will present a
> talk entitled " Fully Homomorphic Encryption".
> Monday, February 25, 2013
> 4:00pm (Refreshments at 3:30 in the MD Lobby)
> Maxwell Dworkin G125
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> Title: Fully Homomorphic Encryption
> The problem of constructing fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) is one of
> the oldest and most fascinating in cryptography. An FHE scheme allows one
> to perform arbitrary computations f on encrypted data Enc(x), so as to
> obtain the encryption Enc( f(x) ), using only public information and
> without learning anything about the value of x. This enables outsourcing
> computations on private data to a third party, while maintaining the data's
> privacy (for example "oblivious web search") - a core task for secure cloud
> computing.
> The first candidate FHE scheme was introduced in 2009 (over 30 years after
> the problem was proposed), in Gentry's breakthrough work. This scheme,
> however, was not without drawbacks: it was a complicated patchwork of a
> number of components, each relying on a different hardness assumption, and
> it included labor-intensive procedures that made it hard to implement.
> We introduce a new generation of FHE schemes, which is based on a standard
> cryptographic assumption. Our new schemes enjoy improved security, greater
> efficiency and simple presentation, and are the basis for modern
> implementations. In my talk I will explain the notion of FHE, present a
> "new generation" scheme, and discuss future directions.
> Speaker Biography:
> Zvika Brakerski received his PhD from the Weizmann Institute of Science in
> 2011, and is currently a Simons Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University.
> Zvika's research focuses on theory of cryptography, and in particular on
> models and solutions for security threats in the cloud computing era. He
> made contributions to the study of leakage resilient cryptography and
> circular secure encryption and, most notably, several significant
> contributions to the development of fully homomorphic encryption. The new
> approaches laid out in his fully homomorphic encryption works now underlay
> all modern implementations of fully homomorphic encryption schemes. Outside
> the field of cryptography, he recently made a significant contribution to
> the study of interactive coding, showing the first computationally
> efficient interactive coding scheme.
> More Information: http://www.stanford.edu/~zvika/
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