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Hi people,

Here is a conference call. Forward to potentially interested people as you
see fit. Thxs.

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                                   ISC 2013

                    Dallas, Texas, November 13 - 15, 2013


                            Final Call for Papers

              Extended Submission Deadline: August 20 at 4pm GMT

BACKGROUND: The Information Security Conference (ISC), which started as a
workshop (ISW) in 1997, is an international conference organized yearly. It
has been held in 5 different continents. Its proceedings are published by

TOPICS OF INTEREST: The conference seeks submissions on novel theoretical
practical results of Information Security, or on Information Security

    o access control           o embedded systems      o operating system
    o anonymity                o fingerprinting        o outsourcing IT
    o authentication           o formal methods        o pervasive computing
    o biometrics               o hardware              o predicting malware
    o cloud computing          o identity management   o privacy
    o cryptography             o incident response     o social networks
    o database security        o insider threats       o software security
    o digital right management o intrusion detection   o trust management
    o dissemination control    o key management        o trust models
    o eBusiness                o location services     o user-friendliness
    o eCommerce                o malware               o e-voting
    o eGovernment              o mobile code aspects   o watermarking
    o economic aspects         o network security      o web security

(*) See under: New Topic of Interest.

Papers on other topics on Information Security are also welcome.  ISC has
attracted papers from famous international authors in the area.


August 20 at 4pm GMT:  Deadline (extended) for submission of papers
October 21:            Notification of Authors
January 17, 2014:      Post-Proceeding Version

SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS: The 12 page submitted paper (at maximum 16 pages
including appendices and references) should be using 12pt fonts, be
and have page numbers (e.g., using \pagestyle{plain} after the \maketitle
command). The authors should avoid specifying the paper size (i.e., do not
A4 or letter options). Submission of the paper should be in PDF format with
embedded fonts (which is guaranteed when using pdflatex). LNCS format is not
recommended for submission, but will be required for the final version.
Authors should state:

     The total length of this paper, when put in LNCS format, is at most 16

Besides above restrictions, the format is free. Please use reasonable
such as using a textheight of 37.5cm and a textwidth of 16.5 cm. The text
should be printable both on letter size as well as A4 size paper (see
above). For submissions, go to:

   PROGRAM CHAIR: Yvo Desmedt, GENERAL CHAIR: Bhavani Thuraisingham, and
   CHAIR: Kevin Hamlen

NEW TOPIC OF INTEREST: Predicting Malware

   INTRODUCTION: Cohen with his virus paper predicted new malware. The
that followed and the anti-virus software showed its importance. Although in
the 1980's scientist and also the makers of WarGames predicted attacks
critical infrastructures, it took until the deployment of the Stuxnet worm
before it was taken seriously. Banks wait to deploy security mechanisms
against attack vectors until the harm done by hackers make them economically
justifiable, showing the importance of predicting when this threshold will

   TYPE OF PAPERS: Papers using any economic, computer science, engineering,
and/or scientific methods to predict new types, impacts, vulnerabilities,
etc., of future malware are welcome.

Alessandro Acquisti              Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Elisa Bertino                    Purdue University, USA
Jean Camp                        Indiana University, USA
K. P. Chow                       University of Hong Kong, China
Ed Dawson                        QUT, Australia
Sabrina De Capitani Di Vimercati University of Milan, Italy
Yvo Desmedt (Chair)              University of Texas at Dallas, USA
Manuel Egele                     Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Hanaoka Goichiro                 AIST, Japan
Thomas Gross                     University of Newcastle, UK
Yong Guan                        Iowa State University, USA
Sushil Jajodia                   George Mason University, USA
Audun Josang                     University of Oslo, Norway
Guenter Karjoth                  IBM Zurich, Switzerland
Brian King                       Indiana University-Purdue University
                                         Indianapolis, USA
Silvio Lattanzi                  Google, USA
Benoit Libert                    Technicolor, France
Helger Lipmaa                    University of Tartu, Estonia
Javier Lopez                     University of Malaga, Spain
Stephen Mclaughlin               Pennsylvania State University, USA
Atsuko Miyaji                    JAIST, Japan
David Naccache                   University of Paris II, France
Tatsuaki Okamoto                 NTT Labs, Japan
Giuseppe Persiano                University of Salerno, Italy
Josef Pieprzyk                   Macquarie University, Australia
Bart Preneel                     Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium
Rei Safavi-Naini                 University of Calgary, Canada
Kouichi Sakurai                  Kyushu University, Japan
Pierangela Samarati              University of Milan, Italy
Joshua Schiffman                 AMD, USA
Gene Spafford                    Purdue University, USA
John Steinberger                 Tsinghua University,China
Ron Steinfeld                    Monash University Australia
Tsuyoshi Takagi                  Kyushu University, Japan
Catherine Tucker                 MIT, USA
Vijay   Varadharajan             Macquarie University, Australia
Meiqin Wang                      Shandong University, China
Yongge Wang                      University of North Carolina Charlotte, USA
Danfeng Yao                      Virginia Tech, USA
John Zic                         CSIRO, Australia

VENUE: Twenty Fortune 500 companies have headquarters in the Dallas
area. Dallas has several museums and is a multi-cultural city with a variety
of food. Dallas has direct national and international flights, in particular
to Brisbane, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Tokyo, and to several cities in
South-America. Moreover, local transportation is excellent, e.g., Dallas has
the largest tram system in the USA and its public transportation system is
of the best in the USA.  The historic hotel, Warwick Melrose, which was
recently renovated, is close to McKinney Avenue, known for dining and
bars. GameSec will also be held in Dallas on November 11-12, 2013.
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