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Subject: First Friday PL/Security/Theory Talk - Pedro Baltazar, 3:00
on 9/7, MCS 148
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                   Boston University Computer Science
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                Pedro Baltazar (UT Lisbon, Portugal)

Title: On extensions of session types for distributed applications.

Date:  Friday, September 7

Time/Place: 3:00 in Room 148 of MCS at 111 Cummington Street


Communication protocols in distributed systems often specify logical
requirements and the roles of the parties involved in the
communications, namely for enforcing security policies or task
assignment purposes. Ensuring that implementations follow role-based
protocol specifications is challenging, especially in scenarios found,
e.g., in business processes and web applications, where multiple peers
are involved, single peers impersonate several roles, or single roles
are carried out by several peers. We present a type-based analysis for
statically verifying role-based multi-party interactions, based on a
simple pi-calculus model and prior work on conversation types.
Moreover, we present a second system with assume and assert
operations, typed using a session discipline that incorporates
refinement formulae written in a fragment of Multiplicative Linear
Logic. Our main results, for both systems, ensure well-typed systems
follow the role-based protocols prescribed by the types, including
systems where roles have dynamic distributed implementations.

Host: Sharon Goldberg

Sharon Goldberg
Computer Science, Boston University

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