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FYI - Sep Kamvar is speaking at MIT tomorrow...
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*CCI Distinguished Speaker Seminar Series*

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*Sep Kamvar - Designing Collective Intelligence*


*Tuesday, November 27, 2012*****

*1:00 - 2:00 PM EST*****

*Where: ***

*MIT Building E62-450* <http://e2.ma/click/0swfe/82pbxd/s69w8>****

100 Main Street****

Cambridge, MA****


*To join via Webex - register here*


In this talk, I'll discuss the design of collective intelligence in two
different areas: Information Visualization and Programming Languages.  I
will explore, from a designer's perspective, what it means to make
visualizations and languages that are human-centered and allow for
collective expression.  Finally, I will show several examples of such
systems from my own work, and describe them in context.

Sep Kamvar is the LG Associate Professor of Media Arts and Sciences at MIT
and Director of the Social Computing Group at the MIT Media Lab.****

Prior to MIT, Sep was the head of personalization at Google and a
consulting professor of Computational and Mathematical Engineering at
Stanford University. Prior to that, he was founder and CEO of Kaltix, a
personalized search company that was acquired by Google in 2003.

Sep is the author of two books and over 40 technical publications in the
fields of search and social computing.  His artwork has been exhibited at
the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Victoria and Albert Musem in
London, and the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens.
Sep received his Ph.D. in Scientific Computing and Computational
Mathematics from Stanford University and his A.B. in Chemistry from
Princeton University.****

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