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Subject: research positions at NEC Labs Princeton
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Hey Sharon,

Great to see you again last week. It has been some time.

Could you help me advertise the positions below among BU graduating
PhDs? We are looking for strong people in networking and distributed
systems. Thanks.



NEC Laboratories America, Inc. conducts research in support of NEC's US and
global businesses. Our research program covers many areas, reflecting the
breadth of NEC business, and maintains a balanced mix of fundamental and more
applied research. We focus on topics with strong innovations in the US and place
emphasis on developing deep competence in selective areas that are important to
NEC business and which are ripe for technical breakthrough.

The Autonomic Management group conducts research on all aspects of large-scale
complex systems. We have ongoing projects in cloud and data center networking,
distributed system debugging, software-defined networking, computer security,
and big data analytics. Our group brings together researchers with expertise in
operating systems, networking, distributed systems, security, modeling,
statistics, and data mining. We strongly believe in both publishing our research
as well as building technologies that solve real world problems and ultimately
help business needs. Many of our research results have been transferred into
award-winning NEC products. Currently, the group is seeking research staff
members to work in the following areas:

Distributed Systems
The ideal candidates will have expertise in the design, implementation,
experimentation, deployment, and analysis of large-scale middleware, distributed
systems, and operating systems. A PhD in CS/CE or similar degree is required.
Qualifications include, but are not limited to, good math skills and a strong
publication record in the following areas:
• Performance, reliability, and dependability
• Data centers and cloud computing
• Debugging and diagnosis of distributed systems
• Autonomic configuration, management, and troubleshooting of networked systems
• Probabilistic approaches and data mining techniques for distributed systems

Computer Networking
The ideal candidates will have a research focus in system networking and
networked systems. A PhD in CS or related area is required.  Qualifications
include a strong research record demonstrating expertise in the design,
implementation, and analysis of networked systems, including, but not limited
to, the following areas:
•    Data center and enterprise networking
•    Software-defined networks (SDN)
•    Network modeling and measurement
•    Network analytics and management

Sharon Goldberg
Computer Science, Boston University

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