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Hi, Mark and Azer. Thought you might be interested in this.

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> Subject: TALK:Monday 11-19-12 M-Lab Measurement Platform for Internet Metrics
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> M-Lab Measurement Platform for Internet Metrics
> Speaker: Meredith Whittaker & Tiziana Price
> Speaker Affiliation: Google Research
> Host: Bill Lehr
> Host Affiliation: CSAIL
> Date: 11-19-2012
> Time: 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
> Location: Kiva (32-G449)
> Measurement Lab (M-Lab, www.measurementlab.net/) is a collaborative effort
> founded by Vint Cerf and a large body of network researchers to promote
> network science at scale. M-Lab provides researchers with an (near) global
> server platform on which they can run open source network measurement tools.
> All the data collected by these tools are made publicly available. As of Sep
> 2012, M-Lab publishes by the far the largest repository of open, real-world,
> globally comparable network measurement data (over 600 terabytes!). These data
> are being used by researchers as the basis for peer-reviewed papers, as well
> as by governments and national regulators, and civil society groups. M-Lab's
> model of nose-to-tail openness
> creates a measurement ecosystem rooted in a commitment to the scientific
> process, providing scientists,
> policy-makers, and consumers access to the same pool of open,
> scientifically-verifiable data about network performance. With this, research,
> debate, and consumer choice can be founded on fact, not assertion, and the
> state of the art can move forward from there.
> Relevant URL(S): http://www.measurementlab.net/
> For more information please contact: Bill Lehr, 617-258-0630, wlehr at mit.edu
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