[Busec] Seminar On practical Security: PHO 339 - Monday, May 14 noon-1pm

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Subject: [Softphone] Seminar On practical Security: PHO 339 - Monday, May
14 noon-1pm
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Dear hackers at large,

  We are planning to start our summer weekly RISCS-sponsored
seminar series on practical elements of security, a topic with
generally poor penetration within the academic community.  Last
year, presentations included, for example:
  * Timing attacks on encrypted Skype conversations
  * Bitcoin
  * Exploiting vulnerabilities with removable storage

Our first two meetings will be:
  * Monday, May 14 in PHO339 from noon-1pm
    Rohan Roy:  Security Vulnerabilities in Android Operating System
  * Monday, May 20 in PHO 339 from noon-1pm
    Yossi Gilad:  Spying in the Dark: TCP and Tor Traffi c Analysis

  Please let me know if you plan on coming and/or if you want to
be on the mailing list.  We plan to have a light lunch as part
of the seminar.


P.S.  Also let me know if you know of other people who might find
this interesting.

Ari Trachtenberg                   Assoc. Prof., Assoc. Grad. coChair, ECE
trachten at bu.edu                    http://people.bu.edu/trachten

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