[Busec] BUsec this week: Dana Dachman-Soled (Tues 11AM)

Sharon Goldberg goldbe at cs.bu.edu
Sun Mar 25 19:02:28 EDT 2012

Hi All,

This Tuesday 11AM we have Dana Dachman-Soled from MSR talking about
securing circuits against constant-rate tampering in MCS148 at 111
Cummington St.  Abstract below.  Talk is open to the public and lunch
will be provided around noon.

Also, for those that have not seen this yet, Scott Aaronson is giving
a talk in the Math Department at BU on Friday at 4PM.  Scott is always
an entertaining speaker:  http://math.bu.edu/mifc/

See you Tuesday,

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Securing Circuits Against Constant-Rate Tampering
Dana Dachman-Soled. MSR.

We present a compiler that converts any circuit into one that remains
secure even if a constant fraction of its wires are tampered with.
Following the seminal work of Ishai et. al. (Eurocrypt 2006), we
consider adversaries who may choose an arbitrary set of wires to
corrupt, and may set each such wire to 0 or to 1, or may toggle with
the wire. We prove that such adversaries, who continuously tamper with
the circuit, can learn at most logarithmically many bits of secret
information (in addition to black-box access to the circuit). Our
results are information theoretic, and do not rely on any tamper-proof

Joint work with Yael Kalai.

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