[Busec] Crypto Reading Group on March 5th at 9:00am

Huijia Rachel Lin huijia at cs.cornell.edu
Thu Mar 1 20:09:55 EST 2012

Hi Everyone, 

Next Monday, we will have Stefano Tessaro talking about  fully homomorphic encryption from codes. *Note that we will start at 9:00am instead of 10:00am* (since there is a time conflict at 11:00am). 

Speaker: Stefano Tessaro
Paper: "Homomorphic Encryption from Codes", (http://eprint.iacr.org/2011/622) by Andrej Bogdanov and Chin Ho Lee. This paper will appear at STOC 2012. 
Time:   9:00am--10:30am,  Feb.27th, 2012
Location:  MIT, G631

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